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May Hill Hub

We are progressing with the idea of a  May Hill Hub and now need your help by filling in this (new) questionnaire. The input and feedback of our local community is crucial in order that we can successfully gauge whether there is a need and support for our proposals before we go any further. Please share amongst family, friends and the local community.

Deadline is Friday 25th September, 6pm. Thank you!

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Fruit & Vegetable Bag Delivery – moving to Fridays!

May Hill Community Fruit and Veg Bags – Info and Orders

Support local farmers and food suppliers at this difficult time! Support each other! Get fresh, seasonal, fruit, veg and salad bags, much of it locally sourced, delivered directly to your door! Run by our community, for our community!
Our bags contain a changing mix of fruit, veg and salad each week. Begun for lockdown, continuing while things are still uncertain. You can order every week or just when you want to. Bulk purchasing from our supplier gives us access to a wide range of great fruit and veg. We split what we order each week evenly between the bags, with no profits or mark ups so it’s great value. The more orders we get the more variety we can offer.  

May Hill Residents can order a weekly veggie bag by following this link May Hill Veggie Bag

Bags cost £12. If you order before midnight Tuesday we will deliver the following Friday afternoon. Order and pay following the link or the QR code below. Queries or phone orders to Caroline on 831683 or 07564365200. 


The Steering Group is up and running! Eight of us met in the Village Hall car park where we discussed the logistics of possible venues, experiences of similar enterprises, the possibility of a Friday pick-up Hub as a precursor to a full “shop” … and much more besides!

The Group are are now looking into the specifics of the above as well as available grants, online shopping systems and setting up a social media and website presence. We are in conversation with the Village Hall, the veg bag team and the Church to map a way forward.

Please do come forward if you’d like to get involved – ideally we’d like 12 on the Steering Group plus a few more shop / hub volunteers.

To volunteer any comments, thoughts or help please email


Sarah Gooch (All Saints Road) 831855                     

Jane Foot (Glasshouse) 831730

Sara Carter (Folly Lane) 830003                               

Juliet Tomlinson (Folly Lane) 681390

Please don’t hesitate to call any of the above numbers – a huge network of volunteers are ready, willing and happy to deal with requests for shopping, help or other concerns; just please pick up the phone if you need anything!

See below for more initiatives.

Wood’s Family Butchers, Huntley

Free delivery for orders over £20, phone Butchers on 698780. Jane Foot or Helen Norville are happy to pick up smaller orders on Thursdays; phone  Butchers to pay early in the week and then contact either Jane (831730) or Helen who will co-ordinate.


Some people qualify for free delivery, contact the pharmacy at Newent surgery -Jane and Sarah are happy to pick up prescriptions if necessary on Thursdays; contact the pharmacy to order by  Tuesday and let Sarah (831855) or Jane (831730) know and they will co-ordinate.

Telephone Box Book Swap

Don’t forget the old telephone box is operating as a book/game and puzzle swap. It’s full of interesting items to keep you occupied during lockdown.

Gloucester Food Bank

Urgently need donations to meet demand. Visit their website for more info. There is now a collection point at, Theend House, Muzzle Patch, Tibberton.


Mobile Post Office

The mobile Post Office is parked at Huntley Village Hall, 10-12 every Friday.

Community Shop – Survey Results

Please click the link below to download the results of the survey


A shop can be a lifeline to those with limited transport options, it is a meeting place, communication centre and an important lynchpin of village life. Much of the appeal of our village rests on its sense of community; it is the reason many people have moved here and remain here. The presence of a shop would, we feel, greatly enhance and complement the community spirit already established and built around the Village Hall. 

Even before the Covid-19 outbreak a few of us had begun to consider the workability of setting up a Community Shop for May Hill, the experience of lockdown has only cemented our belief that such an initiative may well be a viable option welcomed and supported by villagers and the wider community.