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May Hill Road Safety Project

The May Hill Road Safety Project is a new community project aiming to improve the day-to-day experiences of residents and visitors to the area.

May Hill is recognized by the National Trust and the FODC as a special place and people love to visit from miles around for the beautiful scenery and of course the friendly locals!

The Project is aiming do a number of things, for example building on the work of Dr Russ Green in establishing a strong Village identity but also to reduce the risk road users of all types face in the Village and around May Hill area e.g., Cliffords Mesne, Yartleton and Barrel Lane(s).

Whether you walk (with or without a dog!), run, ride a horse or a bicycle or use any other form of motorized transport you will probably have experienced issues on the roads at some point and hopefully they haven’t been serious!

Sadly there have been some extremely serious accidents over the years; we aim to reduce the risk of anyone else getting hurt.

The initial focus is likely to centre on speed limits through the Village, meaning the Top Road, from the A40 Dursley Cross Junction to the Glasshouse Pub and the lower road from A40 exit through Ganders Green Lane, past the Village Hall and up to the War Memorial.

We will work with the relevant Authorities and neighbouring Parishes  to establish a good  relationship to work through the inevitable red-tape which is difficult and takes time. But we will also identify and coordinate activities which are within the Community’s own control to deliver some quick wins.

To get the ball rolling  you are invited to complete the online Poll which will inform how we approach this and help gather the type of “evidence” required by the Highways to effect change.

The Poll can be either personalized or anonymous and the data collected will be treated in confidence, in line with data protection guidelines and only used to gauge support and help form an action plan.

This is really a good time to pull together a strong plan, so please do get involved.

Online Poll>>>

Useful Links:

Setting local speed limits, 7.3 para 131 and Village Gateways, 7.3 para 138

How to report road defects to Gloucestershire Highways

  • How to report road traffic incident to Gloucestershire Police

Report a road traffic incident | Gloucestershire Constabulary

  • Village Gateways

Case Study – Village Gateways – Jacs (

Example Village Gateways

May Hill Hub

It’s a local produce click and collect service created by a group of May Hill residents for our lovely community, including the hugely successful May Hill Veg Bags.

Building on the success of the May Hill Lockdown Fruit and Veg Bag project, the Hub is a centralised pick up point with a small amount of items available to buy on the day.

  • Go to
  • Browse the lovely local goodies.
  • Support Local Producers. Shop Local for the Weekend!
  • Buy before Tuesday midnight for pick up on Fridays.
  • Go to May Hill Village Hall to collect on Fridays from 2.00-4.30pm (Full COVID considerations in place. Bring your own shopping bag and face mask! )

If you volunteered to help us out – as so many did – thank you so much, Dave Elvidge will shortly be in touch; if you’ve not heard anything within the next couple of weeks then it maybe that you’ve slipped though the net – please accept our apologies (things have been super crazy) and give Dave a call on 01452 830013. Everyone welcome, just give Dave a ring!
If technology is not your thing, Dave also has an army of helpers who would love to help you out, he can find you a “shopping buddy” to shop online for you, or help get your shopping to you if you have restricted mobility.
Huge thanks to May Hill Village Hall Committee for allowing us use of the Hall as we test the water for this new venture. Also thanks to Taynton Parish Council for their support and encouragement.

Click Here


Sarah Gooch (All Saints Road) 831855                     

Jane Foot (Glasshouse) 831730

Sara Carter (Folly Lane) 830003                               

Juliet Tomlinson (Folly Lane) 681390

Please don’t hesitate to call any of the above numbers – a huge network of volunteers are ready, willing and happy to deal with requests for shopping, help or other concerns; just please pick up the phone if you need anything!

See below for more initiatives.


Some people qualify for free delivery, contact the pharmacy at Newent surgery -Jane and Sarah are happy to pick up prescriptions if necessary on Thursdays; contact the pharmacy to order by  Tuesday and let Sarah (831855) or Jane (831730) know and they will co-ordinate.

Telephone Box Book Swap

Don’t forget the old telephone box is operating as a book/game and puzzle swap. It’s full of interesting items to keep you occupied during lockdown.

Gloucester Food Bank

Urgently need donations to meet demand. Visit their website for more info. There is now a collection point at, Theend House, Muzzle Patch, Tibberton.


Mobile Post Office

The mobile Post Office is parked at Huntley Village Hall, 10-12 every Friday.